What We Do


Polaris works with the leaders of nonprofit organizations to arrive at fundraising and communications solutions tailored to their budgets and staff resources. We recognize that every successful nonprofit is founded on a unique vision that is the heart of the organization. We seek to develop compelling ways for our clients to connect to people who share their values — through stories and personal interaction — so they will become lifelong partners in realizing the vision.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the nonprofit sector through which we have gained a wide range of expertise in a variety of settings, primarily in higher education and social services. Polaris Non-Profit Consulting specializes in fund development and communications, including capital campaigns, media relations and crisis communications.


Polaris, also known as the Guiding Star and North Star, was an important tool for travelers who relied on the stars to guide them on their journeys. Because of the star’s location almost directly above the North Pole, it makes an excellent fixed point for navigation so they could follow the path they had laid out.

We chose Polaris as our name because we are committed to providing exceptional guidance and customer service to nonprofit organizations committed to making our world a better place.
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