Polaris Non-Profit Consulting, LLC, guides leaders of nonprofit social service agencies, universities, schools, arts and health care organizations to realize greater mission success with proven strategies and tested techniques.

Research shows that the top challenges you face as a non-profit executive director or board member are:

  • securing the funds required to accomplish your mission, and
  • raising awareness about your organization’s great work.

Adding staff might not be a viable solution, yet you need expertise. An experienced nonprofit consultant can help you identify priorities and develop customized and integrated fundraising and communications plans, creating a cost-effective way to move your organization toward fulfilling its mission.

Experienced nonprofit consultants offer an objective view of what is happening in your organization, build consensus around your core mission and create a cohesive plan to help manage expectations, achieve your goals and get results.

With Polaris Non-Profit Consulting, you can have the wisdom of more than 70 years experience in fundraising, communications, public relations and marketing without the expense of hiring additional staff members. We’d like to join you on your journey!

Contact us at (512) 705-7696 or  (512) 461-5947 or email Katherine Kerr Kubatzky or Tim Kubatzky.