Fund Development Services
Polaris will work with you to help secure the funds your organization needs to achieve its mission. Our consulting services range from helping you define your vision and communicate it to your donors to mapping out a fund raising calendar to meet the annual operating budget. We tailor our services to your current situation with an eye toward scaling to a healthy, sustainable future for your organization.

Some of the services we provide are:
• Resource Assessments
• Strategic Planning
• Case Building and Organizational Priorities
• Capital Campaign Readiness/Feasibility Studies
• Capital Campaign Planning and Execution
• Prospect Identification and Engagement
• Proposal Writing
• Annual Fund Planning and Execution
• Board and Staff Roles and Effectiveness

To discuss your organization’s fundraising goals, please contact Tim Kubatzky at (512) 461-5957 or [email protected].

Communications Services
Getting the word out about the important work your organization does is important for your agency’s success. An integrated communications and marketing plan will help you identify your priorities and focus your efforts for the greatest success.

Our communications services include:
• Media Relations
• Public Relations
• Crisis Communications
• Communications Planning
• Stakeholder Communications
• Media Training
• Marketing
• Volunteer Recruitment
• Community Outreach
• Event Management
• Project Management
• Campaign Communications

To discuss your organization’s communications goals and needs, contact Katherine Kerr at (512) 705-7696 or [email protected].

Board Visioning

Fund raising and communicating with your publics are most successful when informed by a clear vision for your organization. Have you made a strategic plan? Are your annual goals in line with the mission and long-term vision?

Having a strong vision of what your organization looks like in the near-term and long-term helps you:
• put limited resources toward priorities,
• identify prospective donors who share your interests,
• craft messages that resonate with all constituents,
• gracefully decline gifts that might take your organization off-track, and
• celebrate near-term successes toward long-term goals.
Any road will do when you don’t know where you are headed.
Inspire your board, staff and volunteers to rally around a common vision that can provide the framework for all of your fund raising and communications.
The campaigns we have worked for have benefited from well-defined goals and giving opportunities.

Let’s discuss your organization’s mission and vision and how you can achieve your goals. Contact us at (512) 461-5947 or [email protected].